Beware of VRE Register and invoices of Your Business at Net GmbH

The Your Business at Net GmbH, Spaldingstraße 218, 20097 Hamburg and its managing director Monika Ziegelmueller dispatch at present European-wide officially looking forms, in order to lure thereby manufacturing ones and self-employed persons into a liable to pay the costs contract trap. Here it concerns a proceeding very popular in the last years, which many enterprises with the same business model avail themselves of.

How the VRE VAT Register Scam works

The VRE VAT Register Scam consists of Your Business at Net GmbH sending official looking forms, which are overwritten with „VAT“. The addressee will then be asked to check the company data and confirm their correctness in order to be entered in the register of Your Business at Net GmbH. On the right-hand side there are numerous specified details of the addressee and on the left-hand side there is a free space in which corrections can be made. Finally, the correctness of the company data is to be confirmed by a signature. However, the problem arises from the small print. It says that an amount of 711 € has to be paid to Your Business at Net GmbH for a signature. The contract should have a minimum term of three years.

The mesh of Your Business at Net GmbH

The company sends official-looking forms, which are headed „VAT Identification Number“ and „Register related to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)“. The recipient is first requested to check the company details and confirm their correctness or to improve or supplement incorrect or missing details. A barcode is displayed on the right-hand side. In the middle of the form, data of the recipient’s company are pre-entered, but some fields are still free and should be filled in.

Finally, it is requested to verify the correctness of the data and to confirm it with a legally binding signature. Most recipients overlook the small print on the form. Here it is specified that for the publication an amount of 711 € is due, which is to be paid in advance and annually. It also states that the contract is valid for three years and will ever be renewed for another year if it is not terminated three months before expiry. With a signature, the recipient should therefore receive over €2000 for what we consider to be a worthless advertisement.

The directory of Your Business at Net GmbH

Your Business at Net GmbH operates a directory under the domain in which the companies that return the signed form are finally entered. In our opinion, this is a completely inconsequential directory, which is not suitable to bring new customers to a company. It goes without saying that Your Business at Net GmbH presents the relevance of its directory in a completely different way.

Invoice of Your Business at Net GmbH

Immediately after returning the form, the invoice of Your Business at Net GmbH will be sent, which is usually also overwritten with the term B@N. The first contract year is then calculated with this. If the addressee does not pay the invoice, he will receive reminders from a legal department which will attempt to collect the receivables. As always, it should be checked how the asserted claim came about. If this is done in the manner described above, the chances of defending yourself against such claims are good.

Objection to invoices from Your Business at Net GmbH

As always, incoming invoices should always be checked for eligibility. In particular, receivables that have been created as a result of the meshes described above can be vulnerable.

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